What is a strata corporation’s legal name?

All strata plan’s have the name basic legal name structure. Section 2(1)(b) of the Strata Property Act states:

“the owners of the strata lots in the strata plan are members of the strata corporation under the name “The Owners, Strata Plan [the registration number of the strata plan”

The registration number of the strata plan is typically a two or three letter code followed by a number, such as “VR 1234” or “LMS 789”. The letters refer to the region and the time of strata plan registration and each strata has a unique number. So, the legal name of VR 1234 would be The Owners, Strata Plan VR 1234.

Many strata corporations have a project or building name such as, for example, “Garden Villa” or “The Rock”. These common names are not part of a strata corporation’s legal name.

Oscar’s Commentary

It is important to ensure that a strata corporation is identified by its full legal name whenever it enters a contract or communicates with the public. Many project or development names such as “the Gardens” are common throughout the province.



Oscar Miklos
Oscar Miklos is the founder and principal lawyer at Refresh Law in Burnaby and the founder of HousingGuide.ca. He regularly advises residential and commercial landlords and tenants, strata owners, strata corporations, property managers and insurance providers in all aspects of housing disputes.