What is the maximum fine possible for breaching strata bylaws and strata rules?

Every strata corporation uses bylaws and rules to maintain community standards, manage property and protect assets. But what happens when someone breaks a bylaw or a rule? Fines!

Strata Corporations must set out in their bylaws the fines that can be levied against strata lot owners or tenants for breaches of bylaws or rules (by owners, tenants or their visitors). Strata Corporations must also set out how frequently a fine can be levied.

The Strata Property Regulation sets out the maximum fines that a Strata Corporation can levy. For breach of a bylaw, the maximum fine is $200. For breach of a rule, the maximum fine is $50. All fines can be levied no more than once every 7 days.

Note that the Strata Property Regulation makes a special exception for rental restriction bylaws. The maximum fine for a breach of rental restriction bylaws is $500. Since this fine can be levied every 7 days, the monthly maximum fine for a rental restriction breach is $2000!