Are all strata bylaws enforceable?

No. Strata bylaws are not enforceable to the extent that they: 1

  • Contravene the Strata Property Act, regulations, the Human Rights Code or any other enactment of law;
  • Destroys or modifies an implied easement created by section 69 of the Strata Property Act; or
  • Prohibits or restricts the right of an owner to freely sell, lease, rent, mortgage or otherwise dispose of a strata lot or an interest in a strata lot.

A bylaw may only prohibition or restrict the right of an owner to sell, lease, rent or mortgage their property if: 2

  • The specific rental restrictions are permitted under section 141 of the Strata Property Act;
  • The bylaws govern but do not unreasonably restrict or prohibit sales related activities; or
  • They restrict the age of persons who may reside in a strata lot.





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  2. Strata Property Act, SBC 1998, c.43, s.121(2)
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